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nanowrimo | day twenty-three - thirty

Well, by the looks of things, I won’t be ‘winning’ NaNoWriMo this year. But really, it’s okay. I mean sure, I’m a little disappointed, but at the very least I know I tried. And I’m so grateful for everyone who encourages and has faith in me and my writing. It’s lovely to know that there are people so supportive out there. ♥

I suppose the thing is, I have this universe, this wonderful, planned universe full of impossible possibilities and these characters - some I know so very well, others less so but whom I still enjoy writing - and it’s amazing, but I just haven’t found the right story. What’s a girl to do with all the ideas in the world, and not a single plot that fits just so?

Plus, there's always next year, right? :3


Total word count:
Favourite quote: The entire prologue (which can be read either here or here). 

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